Friday, February 13, 2009

NT Stepfather forces child to touch Genitals

Man guilty of indecent child assault released

ABC - February 13, 2009, 8:46 pm

A Northern Territory man has been released from jail after spending one night on remand for indecently dealing with an eight-year-old girl.

The maximum penalty for the offence is 14 years' jail.

The Northern Territory Supreme Court heard the eight-year-old girl tried to pull her hand away as her stepfather held her wrist and made her touch his genitals.

Two days later she also tried to pull her dress down when the 37-year-old man indecently touched her. The court heard he also 'french kissed' her.

The child no longer lives with him and her mother.

On Wednesday, a jury found the man guilty of two counts of indecently dealing with a child and he was taken into custody.

Justice David Angel described it as "a gross breach of trust".

But he released the man yesterday after suspending his two-year sentence after one night in remand, saying the man was not at risk of re-offending.

He encouraged the man to go back to work in a part-time capacity, rather than staying at home with his children.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bradley Parson Ballarat Victoria

BRADLEY Parson boarded a train to Southern Cross Station with condoms in his pocket, planning to meet a 14-year-old girl.

But when the 21-year-old University of Ballarat graduate arrived at the station he was confronted by police.

He was talking on his mobile phone to a police officer posing as the girl named "Lisa", who he believed was waiting for him in a public toilet, when he was arrested on January 11.

The County Court in Ballarat heard Parson first met "Lisa" in an online chat room in November 2007.

During the conversation he asked if she was a virgin and if she would skip school to come and meet in the city for sex.

He also sent her a photograph of himself and continued to contact her via the internet.

`Lisa" asked if he would buy her an ipod, but Parson refused saying it was too expensive and agreed to buy chocolates instead.

They later arranged to meet in Melbourne.

When asked by police if he planned to have sex with "Lisa", Parson replied: "I can't say I ever had any real intention to do that its just I liked to talk about it".

"I liked the idea of it."

Police searched Parson's Ballarat unit and discovered more than 400 child pornography images involving five to 16 year olds and 32 movie files.

Parson's defence lawyer Jane Dixon SC yesterday described her client as a "computer geek" who was bullied at school.

She said much of the pornography was derived from a time when Parson was younger and curious about sexual boundaries.

Parson started chatting online to "Lisa" after he had finished his IT exams and was feeling a "bit lost".

Ms Dixon said Parson was living with his girlfriend of four years at the time and did not have paedophile tendencies.

"He's not really sure if she ("Lisa") is who she says she is, but he's interested in meeting with her because she's obviously interested in sex." she said.

"Its not something he seems to set up."

Parson pleaded guilty in the County Court in Ballarat to using a carriage service to procure under 16 for a sexual act and knowingly possess child pornography.

Judge Liz Gaynor said she regarded Parson's age as significant in the case.

"There's seven years between him and his prospective victim," she said.

"We're not talking about a dirty old man."

Judge Gaynor adjourned the matter part-heard for a mention on February 5.

She said Parson would undergo a clinical assessment for sex offenders and be assessed for a community based order.

18/12/2008 4:00:00 AM

Geoffrey Robert Dodds Brisbane

A pedophile jailed indefinitely in 2003 for molesting 62 young girls will have his sentence reviewed at the end of the year.

Former Brisbane Sunday school teacher Geoffrey Robert Dobbs, 53, was convicted for crimes committed over a 30-year period that included filming himself having sex with girls as young as nine.

Under current Queensland legislation, indefinite sentences must be reviewed periodically.

During a brief hearing on Friday in the Brisbane District Court lawyers confirmed Dobbs' case would be reviewed in December.

Dobbs, who has been dubbed Australia's worst pedophile, recently made headlines when the state government endorsed chemical castration for sex offenders.

It is understood Dobbs may be eligible for the procedure, which could strengthen his case for release.

15th August 2008
By Christine Flatley

Monday, December 29, 2008

Norman Vivian Pearce Adelaide

NORMAN Vivian Pearce knew his prey - using flash cars, computer games and alcohol as the bait to lure at least eight young boys into his deviant sexual web.

Yesterday, the serial pedophile closed his eyes in resignation in the dock of the District Court, as justice finally caught up with him.

Some of the men whose lives Pearce ruined cheered and cried in relief as Judge Paul Rice convicted him on 18 child sex offences spanning more than a decade in the 1980s and early 1990s.

Pearce, 69, took on roles in organisations such as Naval Cadets and computer clubs to meet his victims and won the trust of their unsuspecting families.

Pearce, of Woodville South, was acquitted of charges involving a seven-year old boy after Judge Rice ruled he could not find the charges proven beyond reasonable doubt.

However, Judge Rice convicted him of indecent assault and unlawful sexual intercourse over attacks on the eight other boys.

"(Pearce) was shifty, feigned lack of memory and wove a story around the prosecution case," Judge Rice found.

Many of the victims said Pearce drove them around in a red Holden Monaro and plied them with alcohol and cigarettes.

One victim said he passed out drunk then woke with Pearce having anal sex with him.

Another said Pearce took advantage of his unstable home life and offered his townhouse as a "safe haven" from domestic troubles.

When asked why he returned to Pearce's home after the initial abuse, the victim said: "Basically Mr Pearce was a trusted member of the Air Youth at that time. I was having problems at home, I was scared by what he did to me."

The court heard Pearce kissed the head of another victim, saying: "Aren't you a beautiful boy, one of my beautiful boys."

After handing down his guilty verdicts, Judge Rice immediately revoked Pearce's bail despite a plea from his lawyer Shane Spence that he be allowed to remain in the community ahead of sentencing.

"He has been convicted of a lot of serious offences and he is going to go into custody at some time so it may as well start now," Judge Rice said.


December 24, 2008 10:20am,27574,24840353-2682,00.html

SA Former Magistrate Back before court on new charges

FORMER magistrate and convicted pedophile Peter Liddy will undergo a brain examination to assess whether he is fit to stand trial on new sex charges.

The 62-year-old made a brief appearance in the District Court today.

He has yet to enter pleas to 10 charges, including unlawful sexual intercourse and gross indecency.

Prosecutors will allege he sexually assaulted boys at Seacliff, Noarlunga, Brighton, Maslin Beach and other places between January 1969, and December, 1983.

Liddy is already serving a 25-year jail term for child sex offences.

Today Mark Love, for Liddy, said a medical report had deemed his client unfit to stand trial.

However, it had also recommended he undergo "neuro-psychological examination" to confirm its diagnosis.

Judge Rauf Soulio remanded Liddy in custody to appear again next year.


December 15, 2008 02:00pm,22606,24802053-2682,00.html

Man 51 Child Porn and Bestiality WA

A MAN allegedly caught with images of child porn and bestiality on his laptop computer faces penalties of up to 10 years in jail and $275,000 in fines.

The West Australian man, 51, was arrested on arrival at Perth International Airport on Christmas Eve allegedly carrying a computer containing child pornography "and other abhorrent material", a customs statement said.

It will also be alleged the man "exported" electronic images of bestiality on October 27.

"Customs investigators executed customs search and seizure warrants at the man's address in South Guildford after his arrival on Christmas Eve and further evidence was allegedly found and seized," the statement said.

The man was charged with the import and export of prohibited material, ordered to surrender his passport and bailed to appear in Perth Magistrates Court on December 30.

December 28, 2008,25197,24849769-12377,00.html

Child Sex Charges Richard Dutton Brown Adelaide

SOUTH Australians have finally learned the identity of a senior magistrate who fought to keep his name out of the public arena, two years after he was charged with child sex offences.

The state's highest court yesterday overturned an earlier court order suppressing identification of Richard Dutton Brown, upholding an appeal by The Australian and Adelaide newspaper The Advertiser.

Mr Brown, who has been a magistrate for almost 30 years, was granted the suppression order on his identity in October after being committed to stand trial in the District Court the month before.

Yesterday, three judges of the Full Court of the Supreme Court -- Chief Justice John Doyle and judges Richard White and David Bleby -- set aside the suppression of Mr Brown's identity, finding there was no reason why his name should continue to be withheld.

Two years ago, the South Australian Government amended the law to reduce the number of suppression orders being granted in the state's courts.

The decision by the Full Court yesterday is one of the first to consider the legal implications of the amendments to the law.

Legal sources said the judgment reflects a more cautious approach in issuing suppression orders by the courts.

Mr Brown was not present in court to hear he had lost the battle for his identity to remain suppressed.

His last appearance was in September, when he attended the District Court for his arraignment on the charges against him.

At that time, the bespectacled 60-year-old appeared wearing a suit and tie and walked with the aid of a stick.

Mr Brown, of the eastern Adelaide suburb of Norwood, has pleaded not guilty to five charges of indecent assault and two charges of unlawful sexual intercourse.

The offences are alleged to have occurred between 1977 and 1981 at Norwood.

Mr Brown was charged in 2006 following a four-month police investigation and appeared in court for the first time on the charges in August that year.

His identity was suppressed as the case made its way through the magistrates court committal process until the charges reached the District Court, where he applied for the suppression order that was overturned yesterday.

Mr Brown has been on paid leave from his $223,000-a-year position since May 2006.

The Full Court ordered that Mr Brown pay the legal costs of The Australian and The Advertiser for the appeal.

He was appointed a magistrate in 1979, just six years after graduating with a law degree from Adelaide University.

Mr Brown's case is listed to be mentioned in the District Court today.

Gavin Lower
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